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we are producing vegetable seed and organic fertilizer.
Our company SUPERAKTIF TARIM ILACLAMA MAKINELERI is engaged in the production and export activities in Turkey, is exporting the product groups listed below. We are among the major supplier companies in Turkey and leading a Turkish company that can offer you the best price and optimum quality. Our company SUPERAKTIF TARIM ILACLAMA, a member of TurkishExporter, is engaged in production and trade in Manisa. Made in Turkey products we are supplying are as follows: sprayer Turkey garden sprayer Turkey farm sprayer Turkey. Please fill in the RFQ form inside this page to get a quote from us. We will reply you with our best price offer shortly..
Agrose Tarim Makinalari San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. (Agrose Agricultural Machines Ind. Trade Co. Ltd.), manufacturing all kinds of spare parts for agriculture and livestock, continues its operations in Konya. In order to prepare its technology to produce for the world standards and meet the increasing demands of the costumers, Agrose has adopted quality and mass production mentality with computer aided design and production machines. While proceeding step by step towards its goals of being a world brand, it continues to make all the necessary investments for this target. Agrose is proud to be a company which services its customers before and after sales, works with a sense of responsibility and is dedicated to constantly improve and renew itself.
SAGLAMEL agricultural machinery that was founded in 1979 and It a family owned company provides service to cs customers wth spare part production. Our company that has been growing from its date of establishment became a brand in homeland and foreign lands with its investments for technobgy. Its technical opportunities and experiences. SAGLAMEL havlng a large and various range of product continues it works by adopting being with its customers and offering them the best service as a principle without ruling any concessions from quality.
Timsan Tarim A.S established in 1988 and from its emergence she concentrated on to improve agricultural spraying quality of Turkish farmers by introducing top of its line products into Turkish market. Dedicating all her 27 years from her establishment into Turkish agricultural industry Timsan Tarim A.S wanted to share all her experience in the industry with the world markets. To improve Agricultural equipment standards at the targeted markets, we figured a necessity for high quality, long lasting equipments that have good design and reasonable price. 27 years of experience and motivation derived us to establish TIMSPRAYER with the belief to improve the standards of Agricultural equipment industry at the targeted world markets. TIMSPRAYER products are competitively priced, reliable, tough, high quality and easy to operate. In order to comply above TIMSPRAYER standards our products are equipped with world leader brands’ in their sectors. Annovi&Reverberi for pumps, Bondioli&Pavesi for gearboxes and shafts , Arag for plastic components Braglia for brass components Albuz for cerarmic nozzle tips PG Drives controller cards Bosch Rexroth Hydromotor Our main office is at the heart of Turkey, Istanbul; and our assembly lines are located in Manisa and Isparta with a total of 12.500m².
Cetinkayalar Agricultural Machinery has been specialized in the domain of agriculture equipments, incorporating its over 50 year experience and thanks to its high quality materials in the manufacture
Our company UNSAL UNSAL AGRICULTURAL MACHINERIES INDUSTRY AND TRD. LTD. CO. , where trust and technology meet, have been working on the production of agricultural machinery since 1992 in Konya, Turkiye. To get maximum yield from the field, strategic equipment and pesticides selection are needed at the right time. So, our company aims to follow the technological improvements constantly and combine them with our experience. We produce agricultural machineries from 300 lt to 2000 lt in our factory. We are committed to investing in R & D for continuous growth and development. Our company has all the necessary documents and test reports of our products for internal and foreign marketing. We accept our customers’ opinions, suggestions, and complaints as a gift giving inspiration to us to provide them the most excellent products and services. We will go on producing service friendly machineries and keep costumer satisfaction as one of our companies top priority.
Becoming an industrial-leading, innovative, international company that servicing all around the World and creating positive impression with our quality.
Since 1983, as ERTANLAR MAKINA SAN. LTD. Corp. we began to construct qualtitative and trustable wired metal pallets like our customers want them to be. Quality is our principle in producing in our three factories, which has a 15300 m2 covered and 40000 m2 open area. Our employees and engineerer are producing customer specified and special pallets. Objectives and Principles: We believe that being a citizen is passing from being productive to being useful. Our aim is first to constantly change and develop, prioritize and make a difference to be the best in our area. In all areas where there is high service, quality and strong relationships existing a permanent rule is among our targets. The biggest value are our employees. Our presence is increasing nearby with the quality of our employees. The best, most efficient and most qualified manpower, we can get is from the intelligence and creativity of our own people. The strength in our sector is a charecteristic from the power of our employees. To improve the efficency of our employees, to allow them development, to give them all they need to work, collaborate and social equipment, is providing our own source of development. We always create and develop resources for continuous development. To ensure the continuity of our service, with the potential for sustainable growth in competitives and to execute the necessary investments in order to progress in our group and for our country, our employees and the community's economic and social development, is the result of the rational use of resources. We understood that the values of our country and the world are good faith, honesty, mutual understanding and to act in accordance with the laws and rules of ethics, responsibilities towards the people of present and future generations to be aware.This is one of our most important tasks. Our Working Areas: Stock Systems a. Special Pallettes b. Containers Our Mission: As Ertanlar Machine LTD. Corp. we offer since 30 years qualitative service with our Know-How, our young and dynamic employees, which we always try to increase in order to highlight customer care and to satisfy the need of technical innovations. Therefore we follow permanently innovations and renewals in the steel and iron sector, to produce heavy industrial constructions made of steel, metal pallets made of steel specially created project-related belonging to the wishes of our customers. Our aim is permanently to care trustability, qualitative products, well known understanding of service and customer satisfaction. To do this, we've to use our resources very effective, be open towards innovations to produce qualitative products which are open for competition to fulfill the needs of customers and to create valueable products in our sector. Ertanlar LTD. Corp. never tries to eliminate rivals, but we see them as sources in the contest of quality. To trust in human beings and to give a trustable platform for people is one of our greatest values we orientate to. We follow the state of art in computer-science, information-processing and technologies in our sector very exactly, to update our know-how. Our Vision: Ertanlar Machine Ltd. Corp. is continous following the steel production sector since the beginning of our company in 1983 in order to produce efficient constructs of high quality. We try to fulfill all the customer request and wishes in the national and international area with more effort than our customers expected. We also try to continue being leader in the european and asian region with our qualitative services. Righteous, straight, principled and always trustable company; these are our characteristics and our working prinicples which we struggle to care without making any concessions in order to continue our way with quality and trustability.
GOLDENA Agricultural Machines Ltd., is a leading exporter company of Agricultural Machines&Equipment in Turkey.
Our product range is ; MF type Disc Plough, Disc Harrow, MF Type Ridger, MF Type Cultivator, Chisel Plough, Soil Leveler, Pneumatic & Mechanical Seed Drill for Wheat,Barley etc. , Mechanical Seeder for Maize, Bean, Sunflower etc., Fertilizer, Sprayer, and Tractor Trailers.